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09 - 10 October 2023 | Messe Dortmund

Synergies of the bulk solids and recycling technology industries

The two industries have essential features in common: material flows and processing. And this gives rise to numerous synergies. For example, bulk materials technologies are used in recycling processes to optimise the transport of recyclable materials. At the same time, recycling technologies with their innovative sorting and processing methods are used in bulk material processes to achieve an optimal yield of valuable resources. The close connection of both industries enables resource-saving solutions, increased efficiency and a sustainable approach to material processing. And this is how you maximise your customer potential at the trade fair duo!


SOLIDS Dortmund

Trade show for granules, powders and bulk solids technologies


Trade show for recycling technologies

At SOLIDS Dortmund, our exhibitors will present theentire value chain of mechanical processing technology for fine- to coarse-grained materials. You can find out how to process, handle, store, transport and analyse your granules, powders and bulk solids most efficiently in personal dialogues with the experts.

At RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund you will get technologies and solutions for recycling and environmentally sound disposal of waste products. Our trade visitors are top decision-makers and buyers with specific concerns from the following industries: Demolition and Construction Materials Recycling, Waste and Residuals, Biomass, Glass, Wood, Plastics, Material Handling, Paper, Scrap and Metal. Enter into dialogue with experts.

Key topics of the show 2023


The perennial hot topic in industrial production is undisputedly digitalization. Disrupted supply chains, acute raw material bottlenecks, skyrocketing energy prices and, last but not least, the shortage of skilled workers are forcing companies in the process industry to drive forward the digitalisation of their business processes even faster and to exploit the opportunities and possibilities of Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud & Co. At the SOLIDS, RECYCLING-TECHNIK and PUMPS & VALVES trade fairs in Dortmund in spring 2023, visitors can get an overview of current developments that promise real added value.


Sustainability is also a key issue for companies. That is why SOLIDS, RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY and PUMPS & VALVES has proclaimed sustainability as one of the key themes of the 2023 event. In sustainable production, social responsibility, economic performance and environmental protection are inseparable. In all three exhibition areas, the participating companies will be showing innovative equipment, machinery and processes that help to meet the demand for more sustainability in production.

Process Optimization

Continuously improving processes is one of the central tasks of a company in the 21st century in order to remain competitive. In view of the current challenges posed by multiple crises, process optimization is becoming even more important. Companies are rewarded with more efficiency and effectiveness and thus greater profitability. Whether recycling, bulk materials or pumps and fittings, the exhibitors at SOLIDS, RECYCLING-TECHNIK and PUMPS & VALVES have intelligent solutions in their luggage that shorten throughput times, increase capacity utilisation, improve quality and reduce the use of resources.

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Experience a trade fair in one of the strongest industrial regions in the world:

Meet your industry where it lives and is at home. As part of the Rhine-Ruhr region, Dortmund is one of the strongest economic locations in Europe. Numerous industries have settled here: mechanical and plant engineering, steel, mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage… All kinds of materials are processed, handled, stored, transported, conveyed, filtered, screened, measured and analysed here.

With a high concentration of industrial companies, NRW is considered a pioneer in recycling technology and offers companies in this field a great demand for services and products.